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Beneficial Hair Care Ideas and Tips For a Healthy Hair Growth

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As a woman, we all know how difficult it is to keep up with the constant effort to maintain good healthy and lustrous hair. Right from regular salon visits to purchasing expensive hair care products, we do all that it takes to have soft healthy hair growth. Here are some tips and ideas that go much beyond the regular hair care treatment at the salon or purchase of expensive hair masks. Have a look at some of our simple hair care tips for achieving beautiful healthy hair. Follow these rules or tips and sure to be surprised with the results.

Rule 1: Always keep your hair protected or covered when you step out-

This is a very basic rule or tip that I often suggest people. Although it may seem very obvious most of us ignore the fact that covering our hair with a scarf or dupatta when we step out will protect the hair from dust dirt and extreme heat. Excessive exposure to the sun will damage your hair and leave them dry and frizzy.

Rule 2: Avoid washing your hair with hot/warm water

Hot water has a similar effect on your hair as the heating tools we use. It makes your hair strands weak and probably even lead to breakage of hair. Instead, we suggest you use room temperature water for a good hair wash. This will surely prevent the hair from getting damaged and limit the chances of hair fall or hair breakage.

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Rule 3: Do not shampoo your hair daily

Although keeping your hair clean and dirty free is a must be you should avoid shampooing your hair daily. Shampoos have chemicals in it which on using regularly could damage your hair and make it brittle and dry. Your hair will lose its natural shine and soft texture if you shampoo it daily. Try keeping it to twice or thrice a week and you are good to go.

Rule 4: Do skip hair conditioning

Hair conditioning is a must to maintain your hair soft and silky. After every hair washes, condition your hair and keep it well moisturized. Never skip this processor you are sure to end up having dry scalp and frizzy hair. Again, when we speak about hair conditioning, it should be done in the right way. When you are conditioning your hair, ensure you do not apply them to your scalp directly. Try as much as possible to keep them away from your scalp and apply them only on your hair strands or else your scalp may end up being excessively oily.

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Rule 5: Handle wet hair carefully

One must be careful when handling wet hair as they tend to be very fragile when they are wet. The roots of your hair tend to be weak and fragile and may break if not handled rightly. Avoid combing your hair too harsh when wet or it would lead to breakage. It’s best to avoid combing your hair when it’s wet. You could probably blow dry your hair and then use a comb on it.

Rule 6: Do not tie your wet hair with a towel

People have the tendency to tie up their wet hair with a towel soon after a hair bath. However, it isn’t really good practice. It’s best to keep your hair open and either let it dry naturally or maybe with the hairdryer. Wet hair is usually delicate and brittle from their roots. So, if you tie them up with a towel when they are wet, you could end up damaging your hair and causing them to break. It’s best to use a blow dryer with a minimum heat temperature to dry your hair quickly.

Rule 7: Avoid experimenting with multiple products and brands on your hair

Never experiment on your hair with different brands of product frequently as this could leave your hair damaged. Stick to a specific brand of shampoo, conditioner and serum for your hair. Use the brand that suits your hairstyle and texture the most. Since most of the hair products are chemical based, one must even avoid using too many products for your hair. As much as possible go for natural ingredients to maintain your hair.

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Rule 8: Blow dry your hair smartly

Using a blow dry after a hair wash is very common but ensure you use it rightly. Give your hair a few quick hot air blasts to dry them off completely. Once your hair is dry, then switch over to cold air blast to lock your final look. This process will radiate your look and make your hair soft and shiny.

Rule 9: Do not use heated styling tools frequently-

We all love to flaunt a new look each time we step out of our home. New hairstyles and a new hairdo are surely fashionable and trendy. However, achieving these looks come with a price. Using heated hair styling tools too often could leave your hair damaged. Excessive heat tends to absorb moisture from your hair and leaves it dry and frizzy. Plus, overuse of heated styling tools could end up burning your hair. We even suggest you purchase styling tools with heat adjustments so you can adjust the temperature, suitable to your hair. Also, ensure you use hair protectants before using these heated tools directly on your hair.

Rule 10: Select a hairbrush to suits your hair styling and hair texture

There is a reason why you find different types of the hairbrush in the market. Every kind of hair brush has a purpose of its own and is used for a specific hairstyle and texture. For instance, to detangle your wet hair you can use a wet brush that helps wet hair detangle without any hassle or causing any damage. You get paddle brushes that suit for long hair and helps in detangle of long hair easily. Boar bristle brushes used for polishing the cuticle layer helps in keep your hair smooth and silky. Moreover, you get these hair combs and brushes designed in various size to aid the texture and styling of your hair.

Rule 11: Do not tie your hair tight

First and foremost, do not brush your hair harshly. By doing so you would damage your hair and end up breaking your hair strands. Hair roots are delicate, so if do not take care while brushing them, you’d end up damaging it. To add to this, I would suggest you not to tie your hair tight. Whether it is a fancy ponytail or a plat ensure you tie them not too loose or not too tight. Tying your hair tightly will strain your hair strands and make it brittle. eventually, it could lead to breakage and the severe issue of hair fall.

Rule 12: Go gentle on your hair tangles

No matter how healthy your hair is, the very fact that its delicate makes it more susceptible to breakage. Never be harsh with your hair even if it means dealing with hair tangles. I would strongly suggest you to use your finger to detangle the knots rather than using a brush and being harsh on it. This is probably the best way of dealing with hair tangles and avoiding any hair damage. Using your fingers is the best option to detangle your hair as it causes less damage to your hair and will also reduce or limit hair breakage.

Rule 13: Avoid using too many chemical-based products on your hair

As much as possible its best to go natural with your hair. Avoid using too many products on your hair since most of them are chemical based and are hence harmful to your hair. Try using natural homemade conditioners or hair masks for better results. Homemade conditioners and hair masks are the safest options when it comes to hair care. You can make hair masks using natural ingredients like yoghurt, egg and honey for your hair. Not only do these natural products nourish your hair but keeps them soft silky and well moisturized. Using natural products ensures your hair is well maintained and hydrated from the roots and scalp.

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Rule 14: Avoid colouring your

Colouring or dying your hair seems a fun fashionable option but as much as it seems cool, it is a fact that frequent dying causes hair damage. Most hair dye or hair colour contains a chemical that affects your hair. The chemicals tend to absorb natural moisture from the hair and make it dry frizzy and brittle. We, therefore, suggest you give your hair a break by embracing your natural hair colour. Avoid colouring your hair at least once in a while and let it grow natural. You could even try using natural hair colour like henna if you really wish to colour your hair. Henna is said to be a good natural hair conditioner that gives a cooling effect to your head when applied. Further, the application of henna ensures you achieve coloured hair with smooth hair texture.

Rule 15: Massage your scalp frequently with warm oil

There is nothing better than a good scalp massage with warm hair oil every once in a while. This is probably the best and the most natural hair care tip one could ever suggest a person. Massaging of your scalp with warm oil will not only keep your hair well-nourished but also well moisturized and hydrated. Not just that, it stimulates the hair follicles and strengthens your hair which ultimately facilitates quick hair growth. This is a traditional way of maintaining your hair strong, smooth and soft with natural hair care.

Rule 16: Eat healthy for strong healthy hair growth

Eating healthy surely reflects on your body and so does it reflect on your hair. The healthier food you consume the better are the chances of achieving strong and healthy hair growth. People often suffer from hair falls due to lack of nutrients and vitamin intake. Nutrients like iron, protein, and vitamins facilitate healthy hair growth. So, if you wish to grow your hair healthy ensure your food has all the nutrients in it. Good diet or nutritious food intake will surely boost your hair growth process and help you achieve healthy hair quickly.

Rule 17: Make use of home-made natural products for your hair care

When it comes to hair care people always tend to opt for readymade products available online or those that are available in stores. However, I suggest we give a skip to these products and try using natural home-made hair care products for achieving healthy hair growth. Using natural ingredients in our hair care products is the key to achieving and maintaining long lustrous hair. You will be surprised to know the number of natural ingredients you can use to make shampoos, conditioners and serum for your hair. Depending on your hair texture and what you want to achieve, you can use a wide range of natural ingredients for making your hair care products.

If you have dry scalp and dry hair try using a combination of yoghurt, egg yolk and honey. This is an excellent protein-rich hair mask that will not only keep your hair and scalp well moisturized and hydrated but also prevent drying of scalp or dandruff. You can even try using olive oil and lemon juice on your scalp which may help reduce the dryness and itchiness of your scalp. For those who wish to achieve soft, and silky-smooth hair texture, you can try using a combination of honey and banana paste. Hibiscus is another fantastic natural ingredient that can be used for making hair mask or conditioner. Crush the hibiscus leaves and flower petal and combine it with water to use it as a paste or mask. You can apply this mask on to your hair and later rinse it with water. Natural ingredients like these will surely help you in achieving strong shiny hair that you have always dreamt of having.

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