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A Perfect Guide to Good Pedicure Services

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Nothing feels better than a relaxing pedicure service every once in a while. Here are some tips and useful guide to a good pedicure service. Given below are points you need to take care of and consider, to enjoy a relaxing yet safe pedicure session.

Avoid shaving before your pedicure service-

First and foremost, the day you decide to go for a pedicure, ensure you do not shave your legs. No matter how embarrassing it could be, you should avoid shaving your legs before a pedicure as bacteria are more likely to get into your body through tiny nicks or cuts from your freshly shaved legs. There are certain kinds of bacteria that thrive in a dirty footbath which is often used in a pedicure session. So, one could end up having a fungal infection if they aren’t careful.

Bring your own tools for pedicure service-

It is advisable for people to carry their own pedicure tool kit to a nail salon, even if it feels a little awkward. Germs and bacteria can be found on salon tools if they aren’t sterilized well. Even if you plan to use the salon tools, ensure they heat sterilize and soak in clear antibacterial solution before putting it use. Or another alternative is to request a brand new pre-packed set of tools. After all, you wouldn’t want to leave the salon with some skin infection.

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Invest in a good pedicure tool kit-

Although toenails are harder than the fingernail that doesn’t really mean you need to be harsh on them when filing them. Buy good quality pedicure tool kit for grooming your toenails and to keep them healthy and beautiful. Be very gentle when cutting your toenails as they are usually sensitive and could lead to the breaking of your nail or cutting off your toe skin.

Ensure you keep your own tools clean-

Be it a manicure or a pedicure service, maintaining good hygiene standards is a necessity. So, whether you are using your own nail tools or the salon tools ensure they are clean. If it’s your own tool then ensure that after each pedicure session you clean the tools by giving it a good scrub with soap and water. Thereafter soak them in an anti-bacterial disinfectant solution for at least 10-15 minutes.

Be very careful about your calluses-

Calluses and corns are basically the hardened skin that could possibly crack and hurt if they get too thick. So, during a pedicure let your technician know about your calluses and corn and ask them not to use a razor on your feet. Use of a razor can increase the risk of infection. We suggest you before you take up a pedicure session, at home, soak your feet in warm water for at least five minutes and then use a foot file, pumice stone, or exfoliating scrub to remove calluses.

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Trim your toenails right-

Trim your toenails right and prevent ingrown toenails. This will keep your nails strong. You should also file your nails so they are rounded in the centre. Also keep in mind, before polishing your nails, gently clean underneath them with a pedicure stick. Most importantly, if you are diabetic be careful when trimming your toenails and take regular care of your feet.

Avoid fish pedicure services at any cost-

There are many salons out there providing fish pedicure services as a way of scrubbing the calluses off your feet. In this kind of pedicure service, fishes nibble the calluses off your feet rather than it being scrubbed off manually. However, with this kind of pedicure chances of spreading infection is high. One of the main concerns of hygiene is that salon workers are unable to clean the tubs right between different pedicure sessions. So, the chances of spreading infection from other clients are very high.

Soak your feet in warm water-

This is probably the most soothing part of the entire pedicure session. Ask your pedicure service provider to give you warm water feet massage for your pedicure session. Soaking your feet in warm, fragrant water is a wonderful way of unwinding yourself on a stressful day. Once your feet are dry, massage a little cuticle cream on the base of your toenails. While the cream helps to softens the dead skin, scrub your skin using a pumice stone or a foot file. This process helps in removing the rough, dry, and dead skin underneath your feet. It is always advisable to remove the dry dead skin under your feet from time to time or else the skin will harden, causing cracks and infection. Ask your pedicure technician to be gentle in removing the skin if they are sensitive.

Moisturize Your Feet-

Always keep your feet, especially your toes well moisturized for that ultimate rejuvenation. If you have taken an appointment for pedicure services then do include a session of feet, ankles, and calf muscles massage for about 10 minutes. Ask them to use good moisturizer when doing the massage. You can also use almond oil for massaging your feet post the cleaning process. It makes for a great foot massager. Once that’s done you can apply a fresh coat of nail polish on your feet. If you have cracks on your feet apply Vaseline on your heels and wrap your feet with plastic or a comfortable cotton sock. Follow this routine twice a week, and you will surely have a gorgeous foot.

Maintain your cuticles-

Cuticles prevent or rather keeps away germs. So, always maintain them well. When you go for a pedicure service tell the nail technician not to push back or cut your cuticles during the pedicure. Cutting off cuticles could raise the risk of infection. Use moisturizers to keep your nails and cuticles hydrate and well-maintained. In case you notice that your cuticles are red or feel some sort of irritation, then we would recommend you to see the doctor.

Do not keep your nail polish on for more than two weeks-

Dark shade colours like red black purple could stain your nails yellow if left on for more than two weeks. Use a nail polish remover to remove the nail paint and thereafter gently scrub your nails with lemon juice. Keeping your nail polish on for too long (more than 2 weeks) could make it brittle.

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Let your nails breathe every once in a while-

Some people may find their bare toenails ugly. But irrespective of it they need to be left the way they are, as natural as possible at least once in a while. Constant application of nail polish acts as a barrier and could make your toenails brittle. So, we often suggest people skip the nail polish every once in a while and recommend them to hold a low-maintenance look. Toenails are sensitive and vulnerable to damage in the spots where polish is missing. So, even if your polish lasts for two weeks, go ahead and clean it off.

Protect your nails as much as possible-

Extreme weathers could affect toenails in many ways. Most pedicure service providers on request offer a kind of pedicure sock with an opening for toe which can be easily worn with flip-flops or a special pedicure boot that has a front flap that leaves your toes exposed. These socks and boots can keep your toenails well protected.

Select a good nail polish remover-

Always have a good quality nail polish remover handy for removal of your polish. Usually, removers with acetone work well on polishes that are dark in colour. They also make for a good choice if you have a gel or shellac finish that is hard to remove. However, acetone can be a little harsh, so if your nails or skin are sensitive go for a non-acetone remover. They are much gentler on your nails but it takes more work to remove the polish.

Select a good salon for your pedicure services-

Always select a good salon, having a clean ambience for your pedicure services. Be sure the employees are well trained for this and maintain good hygiene standards. Before taking a pedicure session from them ensure the employees wash their hands and clean the equipment thoroughly. Most importantly look for a nail technician’s state cosmetology license. They are often displayed in the salon display.

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