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All wedding Rituals in Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Indian Wedding Attires and Bridal Makeup

For every bride, wedding is that one and only event of her life when the world would be all good, full of hopes and colors. On this special day, every woman wants to look like the only euphoric beauty in the entire world.

Bridal makeup certainly brings up the true spirit of an Indian wedding. When the essence of Indian culture is its diversity, therefore, it is certain that your makeup would need to be specific according to the rituals you follow. Apart from the clothes and jewelry, you need to be sure that your well-featured face looks more than excellent.

You may be sure in search of some of the best bridal makeup styles and tips based on your preference. There could be various bridal makeup styles for you. This blog would, however, focus on the distinctive colors and authenticity of some prevalent Indian wedding cultures.

Punjabi Style Bridal Makeup Tips


Punjabi women had known to be dazzling beauties, stunningly gorgeous in both looks and gestures. On their wedding days, these elegant ladies are likely to carry heavy attire and jewelry. Absolutely this needs to be handled well. Though the Punjabi bridal make-ups have managed not to veer far away from the traditions, there are always expectations for the best.

Moreover, all you need is an appreciable makeup set and perfect makeup skills. Here are a few tips that would work out well:

1. Get the pout perfect

You should focus on defining your radiant smile with some bold lip colors that accentuate perfectly. You may opt for pink, brown or the traditional reds. Keep it as per your attire. Prefer matte lip shades over the glossy ones they tend to stay longer and give a more sensual look.

2. Keep it Earthy

Punjabi bridal looks are generally associated with loud colors and bold hues. It is suggestible to keep things earthy and let your attire create the bold statement. Earthy and neutral makeup does things well. Not only the lip colors but use earthy shades for your eyes and cheeks also. If you’re putting on subtle attire for a function, using brighter makeup trends would light it up.

3. Bedazzling Bronzer

Irrespective of your loud or subtle makeup or the colors of your attire, a dab of bronzer would be the best to look perfect in pictures and in reality. You may go on for highlighting specific areas like collarbones and cheekbones will add depth to the look. To bring out the perfect Punjabi look in your makeup, bronze it out!

4. Well-defined Eyes

Dramatic eye makeup always turns out to be exemplary. No matter whether it’s the reception, a day’s function you cannot move out without proper eye makeup. Work on adding character and defining the eyes. You may go overboard with the use of glitter and glam, lash extensions etc.

5. Do not cake up

Though makeup would bring out the elegance in you, do not lose your natural features and skin tone or hide them behind thick layers of makeup. Instead of creating the ones that never existed, it’s preferable to highlight the best ones you possess. However, you should see that the base you use conceals the problem areas and provides with a smooth base to work further.

6. Keep it Punjabi

Perfect features and lush hair define an authentic Punjabi girl. Make sure that the bridal makeup keeps up the Punjabi touch you possess. As you seek to create some adorable picture-perfect memories, remember to be you.

Muslim Bridal Makeup Tips


Muslim brides are also some of the most adorable forms you would find in India. The ornaments and dress up of a Muslim bride are the elements that make her more vibrant. Being one of those adorable women, on your special day, you would want a makeup that showcases your femininity in the most happening ways. Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Get the right tone

Highlighting and contouring would be the most important parts of the makeup. It will help in depicting the natural curves of your face by creating shadows. These days brides prefer to add more warmth and depth with stronger contouring. You can do this perfectly using a 2-3 shades darker shade than the actual skin tone.

2. Create Spotlight

Bringing up a glow and sheen on the face, highlights are probably the most appreciated element of a Muslim Bridal makeup. The use of illuminators specifically over the highest points on the cheekbones, under the brows, chins, and nose, depending on what features you want to highlight would do it.

3. Dramatic Eyes

Eye makeup prevails as the most integral for a Muslim bride. Most of the time, the bride will have to sit with her eyes looking down being shy. Making the eyes extremely appealing and attractive is therefore very important. You may opt for bronze, gold or black with glitter or smoky effects. Priming the eyelids would help in neutralizing darkness and let the colors shine perfectly.

4. Shape the Brows

Eyebrows can create more drama when maintained well. You can opt to use exaggerated, crisp, graphic eyeliner to bring up a proper finish. Making a winged cat eye flick would add depth to the eyes. See to the fact that eyebrows are shaped perfectly, false eyelashes and several thick coats of mascara would do the rest.

5. Subtle shades for the lips

The choice of lip color would be dependent on your attire. While eyes would be perfect as dark and smoky, it’s best to go for bright, subtle lip color. Soft shades like peaches, corals, and pinks can be used well.

Maharashtrian Style Bridal Makeup Tips


Dressed in a nauvari, with a half-moon bindi and the kawar Nath, a Maharashtrian bride is a pleasing sight to behold. For a Marathi bride, makeup is usually kept simple and elegant. You may consider the below-mentioned tips:

1. Highlights and Soft Color Tones

You may create an adorable look with soft color tones and probable highlights. This would bring out the best of the facial features of the bride. Also, this makeup theme would work the best for summer brides, presenting an overall warm appearance.

2. The Nath

The Karwar Nath is the stand-out element in the entire Maharashtrian bridal makeup. It would sometimes be better to go for water lined makeup and non-dramatic eyes, that accentuates with the Nath.

3. Eyes

The beauty of her eyes should be defined such that the groom loses himself into them as the wedding rituals follow. Smoky hot eye makeup can be preferable when it retains the natural adore of the eyes, lined perfectly with liner and kohl.

4. Do Not Over Do

When you have a fair complexion make sure that you do not put on much makeup. You need to keep up your natural glow and just support it well with light, minimal makeup.

So that Bridal Makeup Complements your Lehenga…

There are many things to do and chances are often more than a mess would be created. Listed below are the points you may consider for help:

1. First the outfit, then the makeup

Before you actually create an image of what makeup you want, you should be ready with the outfit you’re going to wear. The outfit and the entire makeup need to be complementary therefore finalize the outfit first and then come up with the perfect makeup. You cannot do everything at once hence it’s better to recognize what will really bring the spark.

2. Quit the idea of heavy makeup on a heavy lehenga

If your attire and jewelry are going to be heavy enough to grab sights, there is no need to overload your appearance with makeup. However, if your lehenga isn’t really heavy, you may surely opt for a makeup that can amp your bridal look with highlighted features.

3. Complete the look with matching colors

When you pick the color theme of your makeup, match it with at least that one piece of your dress. However, while wearing a multicolored outfit, do not use all the colors at a time. You may rather opt for one or two best colors that would complement the look. In case, none of the colors look good on the eyes, you may move up with the smoky eye effect.

4. Choose between a matte finish or a dewy finish

These are though the most raged looks these days; you need to decide which would work the best for you. A matte finish would do perfectly well for eyes and lips when you have blingy jewelry and clothes. Also, in this case, keep away glitter eyeshadows. Glossy eye shades and shimmery blush would, however, be a great idea if your outfit possesses muted tone.

Wedding and Bridal Makeup Tips and Tricks

Bridal makeup is one of the most important aspects of the wedding day that the bride had long waited for. It’s not something you can take lightly. You would want everything to be perfect and no adjustments would be accepted at least in case of your appearance. Listed below are some useful wedding makeup tips and tricks that you may consider:

1. Prepare your skin

Makeup would look only when your skin is healthy and possesses its natural glow. You should start up with a healthy routine for your skin at least six months before your wedding day. Follow a skin care regime that includes (cleansing, toning, and moisturizing). Use day and night serums, home remedies and sunscreens to attain and retain the natural glow on your skin.

2. Let your eyes set connections

Dramatic eyes in Indian Bridal make up are quintessential. No matter you use glitter, fake lashes or go bold. You need to do something really effective to let your eyes pull people and especially the groom like a magnet. Eyes are the most important means to talk with your partner on the wedding day. Therefore, you need to be ready because he would be looking at you most of the time.

3. The Blush

The use of blush is one of the most important aspects of bridal makeup. When you want to look sensual, trendy and stylish all together however not on the top, apply moderate blush. Very dramatically blushed cheeks may ruin the look you want. Bridal makeup should consider more of your natural beauty and hence its good steer away from bright blush colors.

4. Bold Matte

There are numerous choices for bridal looks. However, what remains common is the bold lip color. Matte would be the best style to prefer. As far as bridal looks are considered, it is good to say no to glossy lips. Matte lip colors not only stay slinger but also look better when such processions are considered.

5. Be You!

Facing the crowd as an elegant bride never means that you have to hide your originality. It’s your day after all. Keep up with who you actually are and just work on highlighting the best features you possess. Overuse of makeup may let you become picture perfect but it would hardly make you happy.

Additional Tips: Some Combinations You May Consider

Colors could be fun to play with. You can mix and match them in numerous ways to create an elegant appearance. Here are some probable eye and lip combinations you can consider:

1. Blue eyes + nude lips: You may opt for an electric blue eyeshadow entirely on your eyelids and make an elongated cat eye. Finish it with black eyeliner. Apply a few layers of mascara. Use perfect matte nude shade for lip color.

2. Brown eyes + Brown lips: Brown shimmery eyes and lips, sluttery brown. It would create probably one of the best effects for you. Arched and filled in eyebrows would give a fine finish to everything.

3. Goldeyes + Dark berry lips: Apply golden eyeshadow entirely over your eyelids. Now apply two to three coats of mascara and lengthen the eyelashes. Then apply a dark berry lip liner and lip color. S

The above-mentioned details would hopefully help you to get the bridal makeup you’ve had a dream about.

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